Rachel and her SERIOUSLY adorable family!
So today's article is one I am so honored and excited to write. First because Mrs. Wojo is such an inspiring and wonderfully kind Christian woman, but secondly because I actually got permission from her to write this! After I sent her a Tweet she responded by saying it would be an HONOR to have me write something about her. HA! ME! An honor for me? NO no no no Mrs. Wojo the honor is ALL mine.

For those of you who may not know who Mrs. Rachel Wojnarowski is, I will give you a brief history. Rachel is a mom of 7 (YES!) a wife, a blogger, a writer, and most of all a survivor. From overcoming serious struggles and hardships in her first marriage, to having her precious and beautiful daughter Taylor diagnosed with a rare genetic metabolic disorder, Mrs. Wojo's story is one that will inspire you to push through every day and hold tightly to God. It will pull so tightly on your heart strings, but also give you the ray of hope we all look for. When I first read about Rachel and her story I wept. I don't cry very easily but I honestly sat and cried.

Before being married to her current husband Rachel was married before. Rachel writes in her testimony that shortly after they were married her then husband seemingly lost his way. He questioned where his path was taking him, and gave up going to church all together. While dealing with that uncertainty Rachel also had to go through a very tough birth with her daughter Taylor. Only 3 short years after Taylor was born Rachel had to find out the one thing no woman ever wants to find out, the man she had given her heart to in marriage was having an affair. The marriage ended and Rachel had to over come some how. Through all of that a story of Gods endless love and redemption grew.  Rachel and her now husband Matt fell in love. God brought a strong Christian man into Rachel's life and gave her the missing piece to her puzzle. However, in the middle of that story Rachel writes though that her mother became sick, and such a short time after receiving her diagnosis, passed away. While going through all of these things life had put on her plate, Rachel had one struggle that never faded, and that was her daughter Taylor and the illness they would come to find that she had. Her precious daughter was diagnosed with
MPS-IIIB which is a rare genetic metabolic disorder, that causes gradual neurological degeneration (Please click on this link to visit the National MPS website to learn more and find out how you can help) Currently there is no known cure, or treatment for this disease. Looking above, you will see Rachel standing next to Taylor, holding tightly to her hand. I could not imagine as a mother having to watch a child go through what Rachel sees each and every day. One thing I can tell you though though, is that Rachel's love for Taylor and all of her family is clear and very present. Taylor is lucky to have a family that loves her so much, and one that brings God into that circle to always be a reminder to her that this family will stand strong next to her no matter what. With God all things are possible.

Through all of the hard times and all of the struggles Rachel teaches us all something we should pay close attention to. You can go through some unimaginable hardships, think that your world is literally falling apart from under your feet, but if you lean on God and put your full trust and heart into Him he will get you through anything. With God all things are possible. If you put your trust in Him, and lean on Him in good times and bad, he will never leave your side.

Rachel is inspiring, educating, thoughtful, and real. Her website is full of wonderful information, inspiring words and tons of useful tools to help you on your journey with God. I hope that you check out her site (which you can do by clicking the picture shown above) it has helped me in so many ways, given me tools that have truly helped my walk and helped me grow personally, and given me that ray of hope I talked about before. If I ever got the chance to stand in front of Rachel the first thing I would do is hug her! And secondly I would thank her, for teaching me to be stronger, and for giving me the constant reminder that with God you can over come anything, and all things are possible.

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
    but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

- Amanda

** In honor of Rachel and her beautiful daughter Taylor I made a $25.00 donation to the MPS Society and I TRULY hope you will consider doing the same. They will take ANY amount, even $1.00. There is currently NO cure or treatment for this disease, and ANY amount will go twards the fight. PLEASE make a donation today. Thank You.
12/13/2013 3:18pm

You are so, so kind and such a HUGE blessing to me!! I can't tell you how honored I feel- God is good. Thank you for this!

12/13/2013 3:21pm

Of course :) It was a blessing and honor to me to be able to write this.


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