Courtney's Book "Women Living Well"
In November of 2012 when I gave my life to the Lord I was not the best version of myself I could have imagined. I was grumpy, short-tempered, cursed like a sailor, and was an "Independent Woman!!!" (Um, thanks Beyonce!!) Haha. I could tell early on in my relationship with Neal that my Independent Woman-ness was really going to be an issue. He was not into my jealous, controlling, independent craziness and honestly who could blame him?

So I decided to try my hardest to commit to seriously changing my life, and SERIOUSLY overhauling my attitude about my relationship with Neal. Being that the internet is so full of advice from all kinds of people from all walks of life I thought "Surely I can figure out how to be a Godly Girlfriend"... Right? Um, YES!! I simply typed into Google "How to be a Godly Girlfriend/Wife" and BAM! I found WomenLivingWell.org and man, was this THEE place to go if you wanted to step it up and learn from the best. Courtney Joseph is a wife, mother, blogger, author, teacher, woman's minister, home making SUPER WOMAN! Seriously, I am not even kidding. (I think she wears a pink cape with a big sparkly pink S on it and fly's around her house all day doing everything!! haha) Not only does she write about how to be a Godly Wife but she also talks about home schooling, shopping on a budget, how to make sure you get time in with God and so much more. So I quickly signed up for her newsletter and committed that I would go to her site every day and read at least one article on improving my relationship and becoming a more Godly woman. After a few weeks I was soaking up everything she had to teach me! Not only does she write with passion, and from her heart but she makes VIDEOS! And if you are anything like me I could sit on Youtube for hours while I work around the house or just sit in quiet time and listen. She gives so many resources right from the Bible and what I love most is that Courtney is a real PERSON!! She is not perfect, and she freely admits that! It was so refreshing as a new Christian to realize "Wow, so I don't have to be some cookie, cutter house wife who wears pearls and has no dust anywhere in my house? THANK YOU!!

Honestly, since I began reading from the Women Living Well website, listening to her Youtube series, and following her on Twitter (@womenlivingwell) I have learned SO MUCH. I feel that while I am still learning I have already changed so much and I owe MUCH of the credit to Courtney. She also has a book out that I am DYING to read (Sadly, I can't afford it right now :( But I am putting it on my wish list) If you would like to follow Courtney and the rest of the wonderful bloggers that she writes with at Women Living Well click on the picture above to check out her site, and I would highly recommend picking up her book too!!! Oh and please go and follow her on Twitter! She is SO SWEET and has even Tweeted me a few times!!

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
    but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

- Amanda

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