Good Morning Everyone!

As I sit here with my morning cup of coffee and listen outside to the sound of the rain, I feel so blessed to be living this wonderful life that God has given me. Truly, I could not have imagined even a month ago that I would be sitting here today with my very own blog. Since I was a kid I have always loved to write and I can only thank God himself for the gift I have been given.

My promise to you, my readers...

This blog will be from the heart, it will be honest, silly, sad, emotional, fun, and hopefully inspiring. Although I feel I am a good writer, I am not a perfect speller, I have dyslexia, and have since I was young. My writing has never been perfect, but the content is always what I want. I do not believe in hiding the parts of my that are not "perfect" by the world's standard. I live to serve God, and he has created each piece of me exactly how he intended :)

I am a young twenty-something gal who is in a very serious, committed relationship with an man named Neal, who I love deeply, and who I plan to marry (just as soon as he asks! :)) He has a daughter from a previous relationship who is a toddler. Honestly, I think of her as my own, and I lover her just the same. We live together, and have since almost the beginning of our relationship (Which to many people is a NO-NO, haha). At the time of us starting out I was not saved, and Neal was not as strong in his faith as he is today. We are not perfect Christians in any way, but we are working each and every day to build not only our relationship, but our relationship with God.

This blog is for gals like me, or in similar situations. Ones who may feel alone or unsure about themselves, their walk with God, or just life in general. It is for ones looking at how to live in this crazy world as a Christian gal. A girl who may be dating, in a serious relationship, or one who may be already married. (Even though I am not married myself yet, much of the content on my site can be applied to any relationship you are in) Most importantly it is for honest, real, and imperfect Christian gals, looking for someone to take this journey with them :)

"Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
    but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."
- Amanda

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    I'm Amanda! I'm a twenty-something Christian girl. I am imperfect, flawed and a sinner and am only forgiven by my Savior Jesus Christ. I am passionate about writing. I have a loving boyfriend named Neal, a Pit-bull named Hennessy and a cat named Kitty. This blog is for girls like my just trying to get through every day.


    December 2013